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Al's chorAl is primarily a weekly singing group not solely performance based. Our choir is non-profit and does not charge any membership fees. Al's chorAl is led by a professional musical director.

Our Mission: A choir designed for the senior members of our community from a broad range of faiths and beliefs. Our choir will blend voices with anyone who has the desire and passion to sing. Our repertoire will run the gamut of musical genres.

Since our inaugural performance we are looking elsewhere for opportunities to perform. It is our mission to provide transportation to/from rehearsal for those who require assistance.

So, Sing with the voice God gave you!

Please contact us for details.

No senior left behind! 

Our 2022 Annual Fundraiser Concert was a great success!
Hope you were there to see it in person!

For those that missed it, or if you want to see it again, Click here to see it on YouTube!


Please help us support Al's chorAl with our latest fundraising effort:
Enjoy a delicious cup of Liberty Beans Coffee Company and they donate $5!



Al's chorAl is returning to in-person rehearsal - please see our Covid-19 policy


View some photos and watch our videos on our Facebook page!

We are a tax exempt (501)(c)(3) organization and have been blessed with donations and grants to help us get started but we rely on your generous contributions to help perpetuate our mission. We welcome donations of any size - complete our contact form to let us know.



Phone: 856-244-1257     Email: info@alschoral.org  Follow us on Facebook