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Join us for our 2022 Concert!

COME ONE, COME ALL!! We are happy to announce that Alís chorAl is back in concert! As we serenade our guests with songs, they will be helping us continue our musical journey. See you all at Temple Beth Sholom at 6:30 on May 19th. Feel free to share this post with friends and family.

Unique raffle baskets and special guests IShir children's choir of TBS!

$10 donation at the door


Al's chorAl Covid-19 Policy:

Al's chorAl is returning to in-person practices starting Monday July 12, 2021 and our mission is to insure the safety and comfort of all of our members and Board. Practice is from 6:45pm - 8:15pm and we will be greeting you in the lobby and directing you to the social hall.
With covid 19 now a part of our day to day life, we are creating a policy that we feel is fair and necessary for all of our members.  It is our intention to create a safe environment for our loving and comfortable community we have all created over the years and with the ages of our members we are being extra cautious.
We are following CDC guidelines in addition to complying with Temple Beth Sholom's covid policy, then adding a little extra caution.
With that saidÖ here it is:
Alís chorAl is requiring all members to be fully vaccinated before returning to in-person rehearsal.

  • On your first time back to rehearsal, you will be required to show your vaccination card (or a photo) or complete a simple form that states you have been fully vaccinated.

  • If you are not feeling well, for the sake of our other members please stay home that day.

  • Masks must be worn inside of the building outside of our rehearsal space.

  • Masks are optional within our rehearsal space.

  • Our rehearsal space is large enough to accommodate individual comfort levels, with social distancing for those wishing to do so.

  • Our music director and accompanist will be unmasked.

As with any 'unknown,' should this pandemic resurface in the future, or Temple Beth Sholom or CDC guidelines change so that we are no longer able to gather (God forbid!!) we will return to our ZOOM Cyber Choir format until further notice.
We are living in such an unprecedented time that policies like these must be created and followed for the comfort and safety of all of our members and Board.
It is our intention to follow a sensible policy while respecting individual concerns.
We must always err on the side of caution so that we may sing with a full and unencumbered heart!
Thank you for your understanding.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call Gilah Lewis Sietz #856‑795‑1678.
Stay healthy everyone!
The Board of Directors
Al's chorAl


No auditions... everyone is welcome!

We meet every Monday evening from 6:45pm until 8:15pm.  (note the new time!)

No rehearsals on national and religions holidays


All rehearsals are held at:

Temple Beth Sholom
1901 Kresson Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Temple Beth Sholom is located at the corner of Kresson and Cropwell Roads.










Phone: 856-244-1257     Email: info@alschoral.org  Follow us on Facebook