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When I am singing, I am so grateful that I found such a wonderful activity to participate in with my 90 year old mother. The music, camaraderie and laughter makes everyone feel ageless
-Elissa Ginsburg
Al's chorAl makes me want to sing & I love it!
-Harold Brotman
Al's chorAl is important to us and to the community and a joy to our ears. Hearing them sing puts a smile on people's faces. We will always remember Rabbi Lewis with love and gratitude.
-The Starker Family
What a wonderful tribute you created to honor your Aba. Not just for communities to enjoy, but the choir members as well.
-Shirley Kanowitz
It was a pleasure to listen to your group. I'll never forget it.
-Jules Malco
Thanks so much for your time and bringing joy to us here. You were wonderful and fabulous.
- Sr. Salomi
It was like finding a treasure when I learned about Al's chorAl Choir. What a joy and a pleasure to have you entertain us at our community. The enthusiasm of the choir is beyond description. You are certainly going to be welcomed back without a doubt to give another performance. You do live up to your description where you say it is: "seniors singing purely for enjoyment". You are without a doubt passing on the legacy of your father Rabbi Albert Lewis. Al's chorAl is a gift and a contribution to all who have attended and witnessed their performance.
-Frank Falzone
Enrichment Coordinator Yardley Commons
Al's chorAl makes me excited!


Pictures from our Cherry Hill July 4'th Concert


At my first rehearsal, I loved the story and concept of how this plan was promoted by Al Lewis and how his daughter is fulfilling her fathers wishes... I felt the love instantly, so, I continued on this journey

To me, it is very simple... I love Al's Choral because it's like going to a party, once a week, you are filled with song,  laughter and the enjoyment of meeting new friends, then as I go home,  I smile and think of the great memories.  Can't ask for anything more than that. So, I say, thank you Rabbi Al Lewis....
-Gerry Connolly

































Al's chorAl makes me feel serene and happy!
-Joan Kirk
























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